Jesus Loves You and There is So Much More

Jesus Loves You and There is So Much More!
More In Everyday Life #1
Nate Bobbett


Nate spent most of his younger years in Africa before coming back to the United States to attend college. After getting his BA from Cedarville University he attended Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois where he received his Masters of Divinity. During his time at Trinity Nate’s life was upended by a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit. He became an ordained pastor with the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Churches in 1995.

Nate moved to Lebanon in 1996 with Frontiers to work and live among Muslims. He spent the next 9 years of his life working in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq to plant churches. During that time thousands of people heard the gospel and several house churches were born.

In 2005 he returned to the United States and married Jamie. At that time he began working as the director of Antioch’s training Schools in Waco, as well as overseeing the 26 training schools the movement has nationally. Nate also serves as the prophetic pastor at Antioch and as a sheriff’s deputy for McLennan County. The Bobbetts have 4 girls and a large German Shepherd and live in Waco, TX.

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